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Photovoltaics belong to the category of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
A photovoltaic system consists of one or more panels together with the necessary electronic devices and devices, it can convert the energy produced by direct current radiation into electrical energy, capable of supplying the consumption of a modern installation (homes, industries, etc.) .
They present many benefits for the consumer, society and the environment.
● They offer immediate payback
● Reliability and long life
● Zero emissions during their operation
● Possibility of expansion depending on the needs of the user
● Minimal maintenance requirements

In recent years, the process of Net-Metering has prevailed, which concerns an energy offset between the self-producer and the provider. It enables us to generate our own electricity, which we consume at home or in the business. The provider offsets the energy produced by the photovoltaic generator with the energy consumed by the owner. If there is excess energy, it is credited to the next account.

We undertake the study, design, licensing and installation of photovoltaics.

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