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Gas boilers

In recent years, wall-mounted condensing gas boilers have become established and prevalent in the field of heating. They are high efficiency boilers that enable us to take advantage of the energy stored in the water vapor of the exhaust gases through a specially designed exchanger inside the boiler.

More specifically, the flue gas-water heat exchanger is placed at the outlet of the boiler. The water returning from the installation exchanges energy with the hot exhaust gases, which are cooled as they leave the boiler, making them more environmentally friendly, while the return water enters the combustion chamber warmer, thus achieving a very high fuel economy.

Their advantages are many.
● Low installation cost and ease of maintenance.
● Produce reduced pollutants to become environmentally friendly.
● Compact dimensions, minimal installation space
● Ability to produce domestic hot water
● You do not require a storage space for the fuel since it is supplied directly from the network.

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