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Heat Pump

The heat pump is an energy-efficient device that absorbs thermal energy from the environment and, through the cooling cycle, transfers it to the indoor space. So we can save up to 75% energy from the environment by consuming only 25% electricity.
Heat Pumps are divided into three categories:
• air – air
• air – water
• water – water
In most cases, air-water heat pumps are used, which are manufactured in three types: low, medium and high temperatures.
Its selection is made according to the needs of each space. They can be combined with all cooling, heating and hot water production systems.

Some of their advantages are:
• Energy saving

• Environmentally friendly, zero emission of pollutants
• Easy installation, minimum external installation space without boiler room required
• Long life span
• Possibility of connection with the existing installation
• Easy operation with Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control
• and low maintenance cost
• Subsidized through the save program

Our many years of experience in the field of heating allow us to provide efficient solutions for heating systems with heat pumps. The selection of the appropriate pump is done with the right study and design according to the building and its needs and always in collaboration with the customer.

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