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ZNX Ariston Nuos Plus Heat Pump

DHW heat pump Ariston Nuos plus Ariston Nuos Plus hot water heat pump

Floor heat pump NUOS PLUS 200 250 / 250sys / 250 twin sys Ariston Nuos Plus heat pumps set new performance standards by using air heat as a renewable source to provide maximum comfort and high energy savings. The Nuos Plus heat pump for hot water production is the ecological evolution of traditional water heaters and is the result of many years of work by Ariston’s Research and Development department. It provides improved energy efficiency and ease of use.


  • Green mode that maximizes energy efficiency
  • Boost function that minimizes heating time while increasing comfort. NUOS works simultaneously with the heat pump and the electric resistance, thus allowing the acceleration of water heating
  • The AUTO function of the heat pump for hot water production guarantees the optimal balance between comfort and money saving. NUOS optimizes the switching logic between the pump and the electric resistance.
  • Function against legionella. This function involves an automatic disinfection cycle. Every month, NUOS does a check and if necessary heats the water up to 65C, maintaining this temperature for a period of time, enough to destroy any possible spread of bacteria in the container
  • Condenser coil around boiler (not submersible)
  • Steel container with titanium enamel
  • Additional dual power steatite heating element
  • Active anode (ProTech) and magnesium anode
  • LCD screen

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