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Tesla air conditioner

Tesla inverter wall air conditioner with built-in Wi-Fi

Energy efficiency in cooling and heating A++

R-32 refrigerant, environmentally friendly.

Includes built-in Wi-Fi for remote control and adjustment of the unit.

IFeel function. Innovative room temperature control technology by means of an integrated temperature sensor in the controller.

Self-Diagnostic function. Automatic monitoring for possible abnormal operations with fault code display.

Anti-Fungus function. After the completion of cooling or dehumidification, you activate this function to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and to have a cleaner and healthier atmosphere in our space.

Sleep-Mode function. Smart setting for the air conditioner to raise or lower the temperature during sleep.

Self-Cleaning function, which effortlessly removes moisture from the air conditioner, thus preventing the reproduction of bacteria.

Tesla air conditioners have a 10-year warranty according to the company’s warranty conditions.

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