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Solar water heater Thermosolar

The ‘Thermosolar’ solar water heaters stand out for their quality, reliability and performance. They have a long life and very high performance, thanks to the quality materials used for their construction. They are manufactured according to European specifications and have all ISO and CE certificates.

Anodized aluminum of great strength is used for the external heater, even in coastal areas. The insulation in the solar water heater container is high-density polyurethane.

The water tank is internally covered with corrosion protection with enamel (DIN 4753-3), safe for public health. The collector of the solar water heater uses a selective DINOX-STRIP aluminum absorber surface. Collector insulation with mineral wool.

Solar water heater collector frame made of specially designed aluminum to protect the collector from moisture. Surface of the collector made of special high-security glass

Available: 120lt 150lt 200lt
Double or Triple Energy

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