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Mavil Pyro Wood Pyrolysis Boiler

Mavil Pyro pyrolysis wood boiler

The Mavil thermal applications factory produces the new Pyro boiler whose operation is based on the principle of wood gasification. Its construction meets the specifications of the EN 303-5 standard.

  • Unprecedented functional autonomy. With proper use a complete filling of the combustion chamber takes about 12 hours.
  • Thermal performance. The special type of absorber allows the exploitation of air necessary for combustion at a different pressure than atmospheric. Thus, the gasification of the wood and successively its combustion are improved, increasing the thermal efficiency and the temperature of the combustion chamber.
  • High strength materials. The combustion chamber of the boiler is made of 8mm thick steel for long life. Internally, it is surrounded by fire-resistant insulation, thus making use of very high temperatures.
  • Friendly and safe operation. It has an electronic control panel for its correct and safe operation. It also has a built-in protection system against overheating.

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