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Mavil Global GL oil boiler

Steel oil boiler GLOBAL GL

The GLOBAL steel oil boiler is of high standards with a 10-year warranty and has the “CE” marking certificate. Boiler with high efficiency over 92%, low consumption and three flue gas routes.


  • Robust construction with all flame affected parts water cooled.
  • Insulated door that opens from both sides.
  • There are specially designed turbines for the best exploitation of the heat of the exhaust gases with the aim of a high degree of efficiency.
  • Welding is done automatically by ROBOT, achieving optimal welding conditions.




kW Kcal/h
GL30 32.0 27.500 115 125 52
GL40 51.1 44.000 145 183 115
GL50 63.9 55.000 145 204 137
GL60 76.7 66.000 145 225 166
GL80 102.3 88.000 195 311 199


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