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Gas boiler Ariston Genus One Net Ext

Wall-mounted condensing gas boiler Ariston Genus One Net Ext

Wall-mounted boiler with external condensing technology with built-in connectivity

With condensing gas boilers we have a higher degree of efficiency, lower consumption and fewer losses compared to an old conventional boiler.

  • A+ energy efficiency in heating thanks to the integrated Sensys Net system manager
  • With the ‘AUTO’ function, temperature fluctuations are avoided, thus ensuring reduced consumption.
  • GENUS ONE NET EXT allows a very easy use, thanks to Sensys Net which in connectivity with Ariston Net provides very easy navigation, complete management and monitoring of all parameters and error codes.
  • New Xtra Tech stainless steel heat exchanger exclusively from Ariston with flow sections +142% compared to previous version.
  • External sensor that allows to adjust the operation of the boiler according to the external temperature
  • The semi-automatic filling system detects the lack of water and restores the water pressure after the intervention of the end user.
  • Precise power adjustment according to the actual heating need thanks to the 1:10 modulation ratio.
  • “Comfort” function that gives instant hot water, for 30′ after the first water draw.
  • The Genus One Net Ext gas boiler is made of high-fidelity stainless steel and has a very long life cycle.
  • The addition of a heating return filter guarantees the protection of the boiler from the accumulation of impurities in the water.

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