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EMPUR Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating EMPUR PUR-THERM

The German certified underfloor heating system EMPUR® PUR-THERM® Tackersystem of the company EMPUR® PRODUKTIONS Gmbh offers maximum heat efficiency and comfort in a home. It consists of materials of German origin and technology, which are covered by certificates of German quality control institutes.

The EMPUR® PUR-THERM® Tackersystem is the most applicable and efficient floor heating system of any other system. It consists of graphitic insulating plate (EPS-DEO) with high coefficients of thermal resistance, as well as five-layer cross-linked polyethylene pipe with shielding and oxygen barrier (PE-Xa & PE-RT).

The EMPUR® PUR-THERM® Tackersystem has a pre-defined mesh pattern with unlimited tube knitting capability. It is suitable for new and old buildings, for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


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