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Electric Glass Boilers

Electric Glass Boilers

The boilers produce hot water for use which is at our disposal whenever we want it. It uses two energy sources: an electric resistance and a boiler.

  • Container with double internal Duro glass enamelling
  • Reinforced high density polyurethane insulation 40kg/m3
  • Cathodic protection with magnesium rod against electrolysis
  • Power indicator light
  • Large flange for easy maintenance
  • Tested at 10 bar test pressure
  • Electric resistance 4000W with adjustable safety thermostat
  • Outer casing painted with electrostatic paint

Available in three types: horizontal wall, vertical wall, floor-loft.

5 year warranty

Type Power Dimensions Quality
60lt 4 f43-60 Glass
80lt 4 f43-75 Glass
100lt 4 f43-90 Glass
120lt 4 f43-110 Glass
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