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Daikin Perfera air conditioner

Daikin Perfera inverter wall air conditioner

Daikin air conditioners are renowned for their reliability and characterized by technological excellence. A key feature of Daikin machines is low power consumption.

Air conditioners are designed to be efficient all year round. They stand out both for the low noise level and for the perfect air flow, creating excellent comfort in your space.

R-32 Refrigerant with the lowest global warming potential.

Daikin is known for pioneering the development of innovative products. Using the new refrigerant R-32 in air conditioners reduces the environmental impact by 68% compared to R-410A and achieves higher energy efficiency leading to lower power consumption.

Daikin Perfera air conditioners are available in the following models:

FTXM  25R – 35R – 42R – 50R – 60R – 71R

Extended operating limits
Cooling: -10℃, +50℃
Heating: -20℃, +24℃


  • Seasonal SEER and SCOP ratings up to A+++
  • Extremely effective air purification. Indoor air quality is improved thanks to Daikin’s flash streamer technology. The air becomes cleaner, healthier, fresher
  • An online controller is supplied from the factory for remote control of the air conditioner
  • Silent indoor unit operation. With the ‘silent’ button, the sound level is reduced up to 19db
  • 2-area motion sensor : air is directed to the area where no person was detected. Thus, perfect air flow is achieved. When empty space is detected the system automatically switches to energy saving mode
  • Apatite-coated titanium deodorizing filter absorbs microscopic particles, odors and inactivates bacteria and viruses
  • Silent outdoor unit operation
  • With the ‘stand by’ function we have a reduction in electricity consumption of the order of 80%



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