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Daikin Comfora inverter wall air conditioner

Daikin Comfora inverter wall air conditioner

Daikin air conditioners are renowned for their reliability and characterized by technological excellence. A key feature of Daikin machines is low power consumption.

Air conditioners are designed to be efficient all year round. They stand out both for the low noise level and for the perfect air flow, creating excellent comfort in your space.

Seasonal performance grades A++ in cooling and heating

Daikin uses the new refrigerant R-32 in its air conditioners to reduce environmental impacts and lower power consumption.

Daikin Comfora air conditioners are available in the following types:


  • Improved sound pressure levels. An air conditioner so quiet that you almost forget it’s there
  • Silver filter to remove allergenic factors and purify the air
  • Small dimensions of the unit that make it ideal for any space
  • With the ΄΄Econo΄΄ function of the Comfora air conditioner, electricity consumption is reduced
  • 3D airflow. It combines vertical and horizontal automatic movement of the wings right in the corners of even large spaces.
  • Online controller. Control the indoor unit from any location via the internet (optional)
  • Pleasant atmosphere program which ensures operation without drafts in the room
  • Silent operation of the indoor unit. The ΄΄silent΄΄ button on the remote control reduces the operating sound level of the indoor unit by 3dB
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