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Daikin Altherma EKHBRD ERSQ Heat Pump

Dakin Altherma high temperature heat pump ERQ + EKHIBRD

Air-water technology
High temperature air-to-water heat pumps are ideal for renovations and replacement of old boilers. Daikin Altherma integrates seamlessly with existing high temperature radiators. Their compact size requires minimal installation space.

  • For heating applications only
  • Renewable energy source
  • Achieves energy class A+
  • It runs on 65% renewable energy extracted from the air and 35% electricity
  • Provides domestic hot water with optional solar support
  • Low operating costs thanks to high efficiency
  • Works in conjunction with high temperature heaters up to 80℃
  • No backup electrical resistance is required
  • Reduced installation time since you won’t need to replace radiators and piping
  • Simple startup
  • Available in outputs from 11 to 16 KW depending on the requirements

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