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CHOFU heat pump

CHOFU heat pump

Inverter technology

R-32 refrigerant

Energy efficiency A++ in all models

Quiet operation (51dB)

Monobloc type

The CHOFU heat pump is made entirely in Japan and offers heating, cooling and domestic hot water with great economy.

It works 75% using the outside temperature and 25% with electricity. This is how we achieve great savings.

It is possible to connect the pump to a boiler, thus providing us with hot water for use whenever we need it.

It can be connected and work flawlessly with radiators, fan coils and floor heating.

The small dimensions of the pump and its silent operation, make it a very good choice to be placed in any space we want, even on the terrace. It is made with top quality materials and all the strict specifications are met so that it will last over time.

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