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Chimneys inox

Stainless steel chimneys

The company Spiroduct Utas manufactures integrated single and double wall flue systems with stainless steel smooth chimneys of European specifications with autogenous welding produced in an automatic robotic production line. It also manufactures spiral seam circular air ducts and fittings for use in ventilation, air conditioning and particulate extraction systems. It exclusively produces an innovative product, the adapter for connecting flexible air ducts to rigid ones.

Our products:

Smooth-surface insulated chimneys with autogenous welding and double-wall components with ceramic wool insulation.

Smooth surface insulated chimneys with autogenous welding and single wall fittings.

Spiral seam insulated air ducts & double wall fittings with mineral wool insulation.

Insulated spiral seam air ducts & single wall fittings.

Flexible insulated and uninsulated.

Various swivel and windproof hats


  • AISI 304 antimagnetic stainless steel sheet
  • Sheet metal thickness 0.4mm & 0.5mm
  • High-density ceramic wool or mineral wool insulation material for a high degree of thermal and sound insulation
  • Operating temperature 4000C
  • They are manufactured in lengths of 1m – 2m – 3m
  • Dimensions smaller than the meter are made to order.
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