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BLS Boiler Room Boiler

BLS boiler room boiler

Double or triple energy boiler room boiler

In boiler room boilers the water in the tank is the one that comes from the water supply and we can use it for all our activities. The boilers are vertical and have up to two spiral exchangers which by induction heat the water in the tank. They can be connected to solar panels, boiler, heat pump, buffer tanks.

The tank has connectors for temperature sensors, thermometer, electrical resistance, ventilation, etc.

The boilers are manufactured according to EN 12897:2006 from sheet metal EN 10130 AI 1998 DCP.

External lining PVC leatherette.

Ecological polyurethane insulation 52kg/m3 55mm thick.

Corrosion protection by liquid enamel heated to 850℃ and magnesium anode

Boiler room boilers are available from 150lt to 1000lt

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