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BAC Inertia Tanks

BAC inert containers

Inertia vessels with or without exchangers

In the Inertia Tanks, the water stored inside them can be used for activities related to space heating or cooling and domestic hot water.

Energy sources connected to the inertia tank can be a boiler, solar collector, electric resistance, heat pump, geothermal, etc. This is how we save energy and therefore money.

They are available without an exchanger, with one or two large surface coil exchangers depending on the application.

Manufactured according to EN 12897:2006, from sheet metal EN 10130 AI 1998 DCP

100mm thick soft polyurethane insulation.

External lining PVC leatherette.

The container also has receptacles for temperature, thermometer and electrical resistance sensors.

Inertia tanks from 80lt to 2000lt.

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