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Ariston Genus One gas boiler

Ariston Genus One wall-mounted gas boiler

Wall-mounted condensing gas boiler exclusively from Ariston with stainless steel XtrachTech heat exchanger. Italian design and integrated connectivity.

Energy class A+ achieved by thermoregulation

Precise power adjustment according to the actual heating need thanks to the 1:10 modulation ratio

  • Large touch screen
  • AUTO, COMFORT functions
  • New CARE function, automatic notification of scheduled maintenance
  • Ignition system, electronic combustion control
  • Noiseless. Ariston’s gas boiler has a silencer, panel sound insulation and very few cycles thanks to the fully proportional modulation pump.
  • Made with the best materials: stainless steel, used in both heat exchangers guarantees high fidelity and a very long life cycle
  • Additional heating return filter to protect the boiler from accumulation of water impurities
  • Compatibility with thermoregulation accessories and the AUTO function avoid temperature fluctuations
  • The Comfort function provides instant hot water for 30 minutes after the first draw, eliminating waiting times
  • External combustion analysis port for easy control
  • Built-in low pressure sensor to protect the boiler in low water pressure conditions

Available in 24kw 30kw 35kw

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