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Gas boiler Ariston Alteas One

Ariston wall-mounted condensing gas boiler

ALTEAS ONE full condensing technology boiler

In order for a common boiler to work properly, the flue gas temperature at its outlet must be very high and this implies a great waste of energy, since money must be spent to heat it up. Setting the flue gas temperature to lower values ​​is impossible in common boilers. This is how the condensing boilers were built which can exploit the heat of the flue gases through a specially designed flue gas – water heat exchanger at the boiler outlet.

With condensing gas boilers we have a higher degree of efficiency, lower consumption and less losses compared to an old conventional boiler.

Energy class A+.

ARISTON wall-mounted condensing gas boilers have a 6-year warranty and are TUV certified.

All products are made of strong and very durable materials. They are tested and tested for long-lasting performance and high efficiency.

(Υ*Μ*Π) 745×400×315 mm

  • ONE condensing technology provides reliable, long-lasting performance for maximum home comfort. With the new heat exchanger, the piping is longer, for improved water flow, which increases heating efficiency.
  • Ariston’s Alteas One is manufactured with stainless steel and guarantees high quality and a long life cycle.
  • Continuous heating performance, advanced control and safety under any conditions, thanks to the innovative ignition system.
  • It has a new optimized muffler, sound insulation panel
  • The AUTO mode avoids temperature fluctuations and peaks giving a constant temperature
  • The comfort function gives instant hot water, for 30′ after the first draw, eliminating waiting times.
  • Large touch screen. Ignition system. Electronic combustion control
  • Easy connections. Direct management of the external pump
  • Armored reinforced glass front cover
  • Smart connectivity with ARISTON NET. You can easily manage and control your boiler from wherever you are.

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