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Ariston Cares Premium gas boiler

Ariston Cares Premium wall-mounted gas boiler

Ariston Cares Premium full condensing technology boiler

In order for a common boiler to work properly, the flue gas temperature at its outlet must be very high and this implies a great waste of energy, since money must be spent to heat it up. Setting the flue gas temperature to lower values ​​is impossible in common boilers. This is how the condensing boilers were built which can take advantage of the heat of the flue gases through a specially designed flue gas – water heat exchanger at the boiler outlet.

With condensing gas boilers we have a higher degree of efficiency, lower consumption and fewer losses compared to an old conventional boiler.

  • The Cares Premium wall-mounted boiler can and does provide up to 35% savings on your energy bill
  • Thanks to its innovative construction, Cares Premium is more robust and more durable over time
  • The new LCD screen allows us to use the device directly and simply
  • Ariston boilers pass 155 strict quality checks and are tested under the most difficult operating conditions for greater reliability
  • The internal layout of the boiler helps in easy maintenance and quick installation
  • With its unique Italian design and small size, it easily fits into any home

All Ariston boilers are manufactured according to the ErP regulation, which applies to all energy-related products

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